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Stan the Man

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Fooack in t' th' ighlands

Ah'm gooin'up t' prom tu t' th' ighlands

When id comes tu Thursday neet

An' ah dorn'd mean ah'm goin' tu Scotland

Ah mean tu listen tu t fooack, such a treat

Ah dorn'd think any on 'ems true professionals

Well ah dorn'd think as they get paid

Thi do id just cause thi love id

An ther talents er all 'ere displayed

Mooast on 'em er, wearwkers

Who've bin wearkin' awe day long

Thi come to enjoy a pint

Er mebbe sing a song

Ther's nooan of 'em John Denver

Er Dylan, er sooah ahve reckoned,

Thi've nooane on 'em recorded a number one

But ah reckon thad thi've come a close second

An' ony rooad ah dorned come 'ere

Fer Moaeart er Racmaninov

Ah just come fer a good neet eawt

An' tu ged mi nooas in't trough

Tu sink a pint an' listen

Tu performers, who from t' stewrt

Give ther all performin' stuff

Not from th' eid but fro' th' earwrt

Wi've geet Peter, Paul and Mary

Who sing an' play' t' guiteawr

An' one mon wi' a pork pie 'at

Singin' t' blues, the best by feawr

Annie keeps things ooerganised

An Trish lucks after t' mikes



Ther's fooak theer fro' Lancashire,

An some on 'em er tykes

Ah dorn'd know eaw thi get o'er t' border,

Immigration must o' bin asleep

An ahm awe fer animals rights

An tha' knows what Tykes do wi ther' sheep'

Then ther's one mon who tecks an eawr or two,

Tu ged 'is guiteawr eawt an' tune id

He fiddles abeawt wi' t' strap for a while

Til we awe sheawt come on lad just croon id

Thers poets readin' ther poems

An' nod all as ther readin' is crap

An sometimes ther'sa man wi' a fiddle

But 'e's foriegn 'e's an Irish chap

Ther's nooan on 'em er famous

Ther' just Jim, er Pete, er Sid

But ah'm tellin thee, its best neet eawt

As tha'll ever get fer a quid


Stan Holgate, 78, of Magdalen Road, Anchorsholme, won the title of Writer of the Year 2014/15 at the Lancashire Authors’ Association earlier this month for his poem called Somebody What’s Special.